» System based on standard sockets (HY) with various inserts
» Use for light and simple custom jigs
» Cost effective inserts
» Secured contact point inside socket

Prod No.Qty per boxL, mm
HH S30x1,5 DV**400030
HH S30x2,0 DV**400030
HH S30x3,0 DV**200030
HH S50x1,5 DV**400050
HH S50x2,0 DV**400050
HH S50x3,0 DV**200050

Prod No.Qty per box
HH S30x3,0 S**5000
HH S50x3,0 S**2500

Prod No.Qty per box
HH P08**10000
HH P08 H**10000
HH P12**5000
HH P12 H**5000

» H = Hardened

Prod No.Qty per boxL, mmØ, mmD, mmColour
HH G4**1000161,54Blue
HH G6**1000241,56Grey
HH G6/3**10002436Pink
HH G8**500251,58Green
HH G8/3**5002538Yellow
HH G8/5**5002458Blue
HH G10/6**20029610Yellow

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