Q-BOLTS HangOn patent
Prod. No.Qty per boxAG, mmB, mmColour
QB 031000M36M4Pink
QB 041000M47M4White
QB 051000M58M4Green
QB 06200M610M4Blue
QB 08200M813M4Yellow
QB 10200M1016M4Brown
QB 12100M1218M5Red
QB 1450M1424M6Blue
QB 1650M1624M6Yellow
QB 2050M2030M8Green
QB 2220M2232M8Yellow
QB 2420M2436M8Blue
QB G1/8200G1/816M6Brown
QB G1/450G1/420M6Yellow
QB G3/820G3/826M6Pink
QB G1/220G1/228M6Grey
QB G3/410G3/433M6Orange
QB G110G140M6White
QB M8x0,75200M8X0,7513M4Blue
QB M10X1,0200M10X1,016M4Green

» Fit threaded holes
» Tight masking and protection of entrance, ideal for e-coating
» Threaded hole in the top of the Q-bolt to accept eyebolts (MS) for hanging and earthing

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