Q-BOLTS HangOn patent
Prod No.Qty per boxG, mmA, mmColour
QBN 0310009,57,5Pink
QBN 04100011,08,1White
QBN 05100011,99,1Green
QBN 06100013,910,2Blue
QBN 0850016,812,3Yellow
QBN 1015020,513,4Brown
QBN 1210022,514,3Red

» Assembled hexagon nut protected by a silicone rubber masking
» Can be used together with a threaded bolt or bar

Prod No.Qty per boxG, mmA, mmB, mmColour
QBB 03 A10009,57,51,9Pink
QBB 04 A100011,08,12,6White
QBB 05 A100011,99,13,4Green
QBB 06 A100013,910,23,8Blue
QBB 08 A50016,812,35,2Yellow
QBB 10 A15020,513,46,2Brown
QBB 12 A10022,514,37,2Red

» Silicone rubber cap for hexagon bolt-head or nut
» Assemble your own Q-bolt with the thread length you need

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