Prod. No.FitsA, mmB, mmColour
GTM 04051000M4/M55,66,4Green
GTM 06081000M6/M8810Yellow
GTM 08101000M8/M101012Brown
GTM 1012500M10/M121214Red
GTM 1416200M14/M161616Green
GTM 1820100M18/M202020Black
GTM 243025M24/M302428White

Prod. No.Qty per boxA, mmB, mmP, mmColour
GTM 0608 F1000680,75/1,0Red
GTM 1012 F50010101,25/1,25Yellow
GTM 1416 F20010121,25/1,5Black
GTM 1820 F10012121,5/1,5Blue

Prod. No.Qty per boxFitsA, mmB, mmMaterial
GTME 04051000M4/M55,66,4EPDM
GTME 06081000M6/M8810EPDM
GTME 1012500M10/M121214EPDM
GTME 1416200M14/M161616EPDM
GTME 1820100M18/M202020EPDM
GTME 243025M24/M302428EPDM

» Cylindric plugs with sturdy design
» Push in place and turn to use threads to fix position
» Each plug fit 2 metric sizes
» F-version for fine threads
» Also available in EPDM material

Prod. No.Qty per boxFitsid, mmiD, mmColour
GTM 0405 H1000M4/M511,8Green
GTM 0608 H1000M6/M82,54,1Yellow
GTM 1012 H500M10/M125,77,2Red
GTM 1416 H200M14/M168,810,6Green
GTM 1820 H100M18/M201213,8Black
GTM 2430 H25M24/M3016,921,8White

Prod. No.Qty per box Fitsid, mmiD, mmMaterial
GTME 0405 H1000M4/M511,8EPDM
GTME 0608 H1000M6/M82,54,1EPDM
GTME 1012 H500M10/M125,77,2EPDM
GTME 1416 H200M14/M168,810,6EPDM
GTME 1820 H100M18/M201213,8EPDM
GTME 2430 H25M24/M3016,921,8EPDM

» Hollow cost effective design
» Also axle masking
» Also available in EPDM material