Prod No.Qty per boxNo. of hanging pointsL, mmA, mmc/c, mmØ, mmAngleForm
HQS 800X100X4 PA9088004501004A
HQS 800X100X4 90A908800450100490°A
HQS 800X200X4 PA9068003502004A
HQS 800X200X4 90A906800350200490°A
HQS 1000X100X4 PA901010005501004A
HQS 1000X100X4 90A90101000550100490°A
HQS 1000X200X4 PA90610005502004A
HQS 1000X200X4 90A9061000550200490°A
HQS 1200X100X4 PA901412005501004A
HQS 1200X100X4 90A90141200550100490°A
HQS 1200X200X4 PA90812005502004A
HQS 1200X200X4 90A9081200550200490°A
HQS 1200X100X4 PAS150712005501004A
HQS 1200X100X4 90AS15071200550100490°A
HQS 1200X100X4 PC801412005501004C
HQS 1200X100X4 90C80141200550100490°C
HQS 1200X100X4 PD901412005501004D
HQS 1200X100X4 90D90141200550100490°D
HQS 1200X100X4 PE801412005501004E
HQS 1200X100X4 90E80141200550100490°E
HQS 1200X100X4 PF901412005501004F
HQS 1200X100X4 90F90141200550100490°F
HQS 1200X100X4 PG801412005501004G
HQS 1200X100X4 90G80141200550100490°G
HQS 1200X100X4 PH901412005501004H
HQS 1200X100X4 90H90141200550100490°H
HQS 1200X100X4 PI901412005501004I
HQS 1200X100X4 90I90141200550100490°I

» Fast, 3 times faster than chain hanging
» Simple, quick start up
» Strong, max load up to 30 kg/hanging point or 100 kg per HQS shaft
» Small hanging marks

See video case below and for calculations click here!


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