- an innovative meeting area

During the autumn of 2017, HangOn's latest extension in Sweden was completed.
8000 new square meters provide more efficient and smarter space for manufacturing
and stock, but are also home to a new Experience center: HangOn Experience Center.


HangOn Experience Center offers an exhibition and conference section, a sample shop and a lab.
Customers can look at smart hanging and masking solutions, get over-the-counter standard item samples,
and together with HangOn in the lab find the best hanging and masking solutions.

Experience center is a natural addition for a solution-oriented and knowledge-based company such as
HangOn. Here, our customers get help and find creative and innovative solutions.

"The new experience center means we can invite customers and gain even greater understanding of
their coating process. We can showcase our solutions and, together with customers find the best solutions."

says Petter Törefors, CEO.


At HangOn Experience Center we provide inspirational training for those looking to make their coating process more efficient.

More than 2000 standard items are available in HangOn´s new sample shop.


New smart solutions are tested hands on to verify improvements in the lab.

In the lab we investigate the smart solutions together with the customers

Exhibtion with illustrative example of cost-saving masking and hanging

The exhibtion displays a rich flora of smart solutions