“wissner-bosserhoff received relevant and
smart solutions from HangOn.
We got what we wanted, when needed.”

Stefan Wiesemann, production manager at wissner-bosserhoff.

When wissner-bosserhoff in Germany were about to establish new application equipment for their powder coating process, they contacted HangOn.

“We met HangOn at an exhibition in Stuttgart in 2011 and we realized their potential for powder coating systems. Their greatest strengths are their flexibility, delivery reliability and their competence”, says Stefan Wiesemann, production manager at wissner-bosserhoff.

wissner-bosserhoff was in need of customized and smart solutions for manual as well as automated hanging. HangOn gave both practical consultation for hanging and advice as to how to earn more profit.
“We prefer to work with HangOn because of the modularity of the products they are able to provide,” says Stefan Wiesemann.

Today, HangOn help wissner-bosserhoff to find solutions whenever they are required. They regard HangOn as a reliable partner who can help them to make their powder coating process more efficient.

“We tell HangOn what we want to powder coat and based on the details and the design, we receive relevant suggestions.
They are always on standby to offer and deliver fast solutions that save time for our powder coating system,” concludes Stefan Wiesemann.