GAQ - CAPS HangOn patent
Prod No.Qty per boxFitsd, mmD, mmL, mmDH, mmColour
GAQ M3X151000M32,85,8156,2Pink
GAQ M3X251000M32,85,8256,2Pink
GAQ M4X201000M43,87,1207,5White
GAQ M4X301000M43,87,1307,5White
GAQ M5X251000M54,78,4258,8Green
GAQ M5X35500M54,78,4358,8Green
GAQ M6X30500M65,79,73010,1Blue
GAQ M6X42500M65,79,74210,1Blue
GAQ M8X35250M87,612,23512,8Yellow
GAQ M8X42250M87,612,24212,8Yellow
GAQ M8X56250M87,612,25612,8Yellow
GAQ M10X40200M109,414,84015,5Brown
GAQ M10X70100M109,414,87015,5Brown
GAQ M12X40200M1211,317,54018,1Red
GAQ M12X80100M1211,317,58018,1Red
GAQ M14X40100M1413,220,04020,8Blue
GAQ M14X8050M1413,220,08020,8Blue
GAQ M16X40100M1615,122,64023,5Green
GAQ M16X8050M1615,122,68023,5Green

» Quick, 2 times faster handling compared to standard cap GA
» Cost efficient
» Ventilated, does not blow off in the curing oven so easily