Prod No.L, mmA, mmM, mmc/c, mmØ, mmModel
HCS BH 10CR 41704150050031715010CR
HCS BH 10CR 43552150050031720010CR
HCS BH 10CR 41703150050031725010CR
HCS BH 10E 35283153061525010E
HCS BH 10E 35286153061540010E
HCS BH 10D 41926150050015010D
HCS BH 12D 22087150050020012D
HCS BH 10D 41897150050025010D

» Standard shaft with strong BH-sockets
» We also customize shafts with sockets in any angle
» For heavy duty, especially CR model (reinforced)
» Very flexible together with all type of available inserts
» Simple handling, transport and storage of hangers

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