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We try to build our hanging system around standard components as much as possible to give you a good and cost efficient service. This also means that we have a large range of components in stock which are available to order.

Below you will find a selection of hanger components.

Prod No. Qty per box
BHL R66-6 750
BHL R66-8 750
BH R65-10 350
BH R65-12 350
BH R58-10 400
HY 6x50-3,2x20 1000
H11B 50x50 300
Prod No.
HCS 1000x6,0
HCS 1000x8,0 K
HCS 1500x6,0
HCS 1500x10,0 K
HCS 2000x8,0 K
HCS 2000x10,0 K
Prod No.
HCL W 600X8
HCL W 700x8
HCL W 800x8
HCL W 1000x8
HCL W 1200x8
Prod No.
HCSW 714x8
HCSW 814x8
Prod No. Qty per box
HCDP 14x2 S145V6 500
HCDP 14x3 S145V8 250
HCDP 14X2 S145H 500
HCDP 14X3 S145H 400
Prod No. Qty per box
HC 050x3x3 DV 2000
HC 050x4x4 DV 1500
HC 075x5x5 DV 1000
HC 100x8x8 DV ** 750
HC 050x3x3 R 2000
HC 050x4x4 R 1500
HC 075x5x5 R 1000
HC 100x8x8 R ** 750

** Not guaranteed stocked item no

Prod No. Qty per box
HCF EAR 65x6,0 500
HCL 15x30-6,25 500

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